Monday, 31 December 2012



I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got some nice gifts :-)

Sorry that I haven't posted in what seem 67828632 years over christmas but I wanted to make the most of it and spend as much time with my family as possible instead of sitting behind my laptop doing nothing. So instead of a proper blog post, I thought I'd do one of those 'my week in Instagram'. I've seen many bloggers do this so here's my version....

Best wishes for 2013 x 

Saturday, 22 December 2012

a small desk tour ♥

So basically i'm really bored right now so I thought I'd do a mini desk/dresser tour... My room is quite small so I have more of a plank of wood for a desk instead of an actual one, it's still good though so yeah here's a few pictures of it (with my S7000 that I'm officially in love with) and I hope you enjoy x

The wall looks quite messy here but yeah here's an overall picture of my desk area..

 From left to right..
VO5 Heat Protect Spray   Abercrombie Fragrance   Next Define  Baby Rose Jeans ♥ Kate Moss Vintage   

    Cow pencil sharpener - Staples - £2                                          Frosted Mirror - Wilkinsons - £4  

From left to right...
Emma Bridgewater Tin - Garden Centre   nutriganics smoothing day cream ♥ some cheap perfume ♥ Kate Moss Body Lotions 

 ♥ Two cheap lip glosses ♥ Clinique Lipstick 'Grape Iris' ♥ The Body Shop Lip moisturiser
 ♥ Another cheap lip gloss 

 Swatch from the Clinique Lipstick 

    I use this tin to keep my make up brusher, mascaras and eyeliners in and it's the perfect size and also has a cute pattern on ♥ I got it from a small garden centre for about £5, it can probably be found on Ebay x
And finally my camera :-)

Thank you for reading xxxx

christmas tag

Gingerbread Oreo Cheesecakes (weheartit)

1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
I don't really have a favourite thing about Christmas, I just love every single thing about it. I love the cute atmosphere created by the sparking lights lights, mince pies and bakewell tarts, advent calendars,  crazy crowds shopping for gifts, frosty mornings, Christmas films,
seeing people appreciate & love the presents you've bought them, I could go on & on,

2. Real or fake tree?

Real all the way! Although fake one's are generally cheaper, you can't beat a real one with that Christmassy smell, and hoovering up needles constantly haha:-)

3. Giving or receiving presents?

Giving, I love going out and buying presents for people and thinking 'ah my bro will love that' and I love seeing people appreceate everything and yeah it makes me happy. I also love love love wrapping presents with cute little bows and stuff. So yeah, giving 100%

4. Do you open your presents in the morning or evening?

I open most of mine in the morning but this year I've promised myself to save some under thee tree for the evening so I can open some later on. I love the excitement of waking up early to open presents too x

5. Handmade or bought Christmas cards?

Bought Christmas cards, I would love to make my own cards but I'm really not very creative and I don't have much time due to badminton and shizz but I'd love to make my own.

6. What is your favourite Christmas film?

Home Alone! My Christmas is not complete without watching this film! I would say Elf but i've watched it 23486 times now  so... I also love Gremlins, The Polar Express and Miracle on 34th Street.

7. What is your favourite Christmas food?

Bakewell Tarts, Turkey, Potatoes, Cheeses and basically every fooooooood! And Yorkshire Puddings!


x x x 

Friday, 21 December 2012

New Camera!

konichiwa, hope y'all well :-)

So much for the end of the world 'eh..

Sorry about the lack of posts, I've been so so busy with badminton, school and christmas but now it's the holidays i'll be posting a lot more regularly! Christmas holidays finally and only 4 days 'till christmas!

So anyway, for a few weeks now I've been wanting a new camera, one that was better than my AX280. I did my research and all and I wanted to buy the cheapest bridge or Dslr camera that I could. In the end I bought a Fujifilm Bridge S7000 for £41. 

This model is quite old (2003 I think) so there are some massive differences such as the SD card being half the size of normal ones today and also there are some features which are used now that are nowhere to be seen on this camera. The S7000 is 6 mega pixels with 6x optical zoom and a 1.8" LCD screen. 1.8" seems very small at first but you slowly get used to it. You might think I'm mad dropping from a 14mp to a 6mp but I'd read reviews saying how it has an option to use 12mp??  God knows how but yeah...

When I first tested out this camera I wasn't keen on it at all, and I was quite disappointed that I'd spent 40 ish pounds on it. The 'Macro' feature is pretty crap unless you keep the camera extremely still.(would recommend having a tripod)  But as I've been using it more and more I'm starting to like it more and more :-) 

Here are a few christmassy pictures taken with it..

My best friend Jess made this for me for christmas, how cute is she! Go check out her blog :-)'Jess' News for you'

Thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend :-)

Saturday, 8 December 2012

l i g h t s

hola, just a quick post :-)

The other day my bro was telling me about this thing I can do with my camera, so yeah it's something to do with having a slow shutter speed and a light source.
Instead of using something normal for light, I just jumped around my living room shaking the camera whilst it was pointed at the christmas tree lights hahahaha :')

So yeah, here's the results...
I tried writing my name is this one, hahahaha fail

christmas in the grubb household :-)


So basically today we got our Christmas Tree and we put it up along with all the decorations. I'm already in such a christmassy mood and I've decorated like the whole of our house and covered it in sparkly stuff.. So yeah this is quite a picture heavy post but hope you enjoy.. 
Only 17 day, ooah oooah!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend
Place where we got out christmas tree from :-)

Tea Break



Sunday, 2 December 2012

B a d m i n t o n

hey hey hey

So basically, I play badminton quite competitively, I play for my town et my county. So today I travelled up to Essex for a Badminton England tournament. 

It was such a good tournament and I am so so so pleased with how I played...
In my box I won all my games so I got through to the quarter finals where I lost, to who ended up winning the Girls Singles.

And then in doubles I played with one of my good friends, Issy (who is the most amazing person EVER) and we lost one game in our box so we won a bronze medal...

All in all it has beeeeen such an amazing day:-)

Adios  xxx

Petworth Christmas Lights

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey there


Yesterday evening I went to a lovely little town called Petworth in Sussex for their Christmas Lights to be turned on. It was such a nice evening, there were all these cute antique shops and little stalls selling brownies and it was so cute! There were also these live windows like the toy shop had two boys in it playing monopoly and it was so amazing! Of course I took my camera with me so here are a few pictures I got whilst there! 

Hope you've had a nice weekend xx