Saturday, 22 December 2012

a small desk tour ♥

So basically i'm really bored right now so I thought I'd do a mini desk/dresser tour... My room is quite small so I have more of a plank of wood for a desk instead of an actual one, it's still good though so yeah here's a few pictures of it (with my S7000 that I'm officially in love with) and I hope you enjoy x

The wall looks quite messy here but yeah here's an overall picture of my desk area..

 From left to right..
VO5 Heat Protect Spray   Abercrombie Fragrance   Next Define  Baby Rose Jeans ♥ Kate Moss Vintage   

    Cow pencil sharpener - Staples - £2                                          Frosted Mirror - Wilkinsons - £4  

From left to right...
Emma Bridgewater Tin - Garden Centre   nutriganics smoothing day cream ♥ some cheap perfume ♥ Kate Moss Body Lotions 

 ♥ Two cheap lip glosses ♥ Clinique Lipstick 'Grape Iris' ♥ The Body Shop Lip moisturiser
 ♥ Another cheap lip gloss 

 Swatch from the Clinique Lipstick 

    I use this tin to keep my make up brusher, mascaras and eyeliners in and it's the perfect size and also has a cute pattern on ♥ I got it from a small garden centre for about £5, it can probably be found on Ebay x
And finally my camera :-)

Thank you for reading xxxx


  1. aw i love the instagrammy thing. I lost my star thingy from the leaver's party:(xx