Friday, 21 December 2012

New Camera!

konichiwa, hope y'all well :-)

So much for the end of the world 'eh..

Sorry about the lack of posts, I've been so so busy with badminton, school and christmas but now it's the holidays i'll be posting a lot more regularly! Christmas holidays finally and only 4 days 'till christmas!

So anyway, for a few weeks now I've been wanting a new camera, one that was better than my AX280. I did my research and all and I wanted to buy the cheapest bridge or Dslr camera that I could. In the end I bought a Fujifilm Bridge S7000 for £41. 

This model is quite old (2003 I think) so there are some massive differences such as the SD card being half the size of normal ones today and also there are some features which are used now that are nowhere to be seen on this camera. The S7000 is 6 mega pixels with 6x optical zoom and a 1.8" LCD screen. 1.8" seems very small at first but you slowly get used to it. You might think I'm mad dropping from a 14mp to a 6mp but I'd read reviews saying how it has an option to use 12mp??  God knows how but yeah...

When I first tested out this camera I wasn't keen on it at all, and I was quite disappointed that I'd spent 40 ish pounds on it. The 'Macro' feature is pretty crap unless you keep the camera extremely still.(would recommend having a tripod)  But as I've been using it more and more I'm starting to like it more and more :-) 

Here are a few christmassy pictures taken with it..

My best friend Jess made this for me for christmas, how cute is she! Go check out her blog :-)'Jess' News for you'

Thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend :-)

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