Monday, 26 November 2012

Newspaper Nails

So, I've seen these newspaper nails before and since I love reading and all things like that, I thought I'd give them a go :-)

First of all, you'll need to gather your supplies....

♥ White Nail Polish
♥ Newspaper
♥ Rubbing Alcohol 
♥ Clear Shiny Polish for the top coat

Step One ...

Tear off some small pieces of newspaper, make sure they'er big enough to cover your nail though!

Step Two ...

Paint your nails with a basic white nail polish. I would recommend painting two coats on as it lasts longer but if your short on time try one coat, see how it goes. You could also try this step with a different colour like a pastel blue, pink or anyone of your favourite colours. Make sure your nails are completely dry before moving onto the next step!

Step 3 ...

 Dip a piece of the torn up newspaper into the rubbing alcohol and drench it well. I pour a small amount into the bottle's cap and dip the pieces in that way. It's quite a bit easier and less messy x

Step 4 ...

 Press the bit of newspaper on your fingernail hard for about three seconds and peel it off. I found that pressing down hard helps the words to come off darker, but you don't want to leave the paper on for too long because the alcohol will cause your nail polish to smear and smudge and make a mess of your white polish.

Step 5 ...

Time for your top coat woooo :-) Try and add a good amount of clear polish to protect your design.

Hope these were easy enough to do and weren't too stressful! I always manage to chip my nails (I don't have a clue how?!?!) on the same day that I paint them so try and avoid doing this!

Thank you for reading
x x x

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