Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Versace - Baby Rose Jeans perfume

So, this is my most favourite perfume ever. It's made by Versace and is called Baby Rose Jeans. This was my first ever perfume that I got given to by my lovely Godmother.

The bottle and concept are cute and adorable. It's a petite 7.5ml bottle with a frosted glass finish and cute pink topper. The scent  has a soft rose smell to it with a slight hint of vanilla.

When you first spray it, it's got this somewhat sharp "perfumey" smell which screams 'early 90s'. Then after it's dried down it becomes a little softer and semi powdery. On the tin it's got mandarin orange listed, I don't find it citrusy at all though. 
It's nice and would make a good gift to a young girl who is growing tired of sweet fruity florals because it would make her feel sophisticated and classy.I would recommend you test first and not to blind buy.

For the 50ml bottle, prices vary from £15 - £28.99 depending where you purchase it from but It's so worth it as I've got the 7.5ml bottle and it's lasted me for more than a year, I don't wear it daily but I do wear it regularly. 

Sadly, the scent doesn't last that long as it wears off quite quickly.

Versace have made other types of perfume and a couple more in this 'Baby Jeans' category. 
There's the Baby Red Jeans and Baby Blue Jeans. I haven't tried these products yet but I am hoping to 
soon x

Thank you for reading :-)

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