Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Olay 7in1 Foundation


First beauty product review, ooooo exciting, well not really but anyway...

I thought I'd review the...

Olay Total Effects Touch of Foundation BB Day Moisturiser

I'm not really a foundation person, mainly because I'm so pale that when i wear it I look like a massive walking Dorito (even with the fair shades!) Hmph. However this product has completely changed my mind. This Olay product is more of a moisturiser and that's why I love it, it's not too heavy on your skin but it also does what you want from a foundation, thanks to Maxfactor. 

Olay's Total Effects packs a powerful punch with its seven skin saviours:

Evens tone: The inclusion of Max Factor foundation blurs imperfections and leaves skin looking naturally flawless. This is available in three shades - fair, medium and dark - so there is one for every skin tone.
Moisturises: Containing nourishing ingredients, Olay's Total Effects leaves skin with a healthy, radiant glow and hydrated for a firmer skin appearance, which, let's face it, can only be a good thing.
Gently exfoliates: Skin texture is smoothed and even.
Brightens: Skin surface is improved and dull skin is noticeably brighter.
Refines: The appearance of pores are minimised.
Anti-ageing: The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced.
Protects: and if this all wasn't enough, SPF 15 is included to help protect skin from UV damage.
When rubbed in gently with fingers

This product really is excellent and I recommend it because it says everything it says it does on the box
 Thank you for reading x x x 

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